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Food Pantry and Client Services

7124 Cooley Lake Road,
Waterford MI 48327
Phone: 248.360.2930
Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10am - 4pm
Thursday 1-7pm

Food Pantry Donation Hours

(located in the rear of the building)
Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10am - 4pm
Thursday 1-7pm

Thrift Store

7140 Cooley Lake Road,
Waterford MI 48327
Phone: 248.360.4977
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10am - 4:30pm
Thursday open late until 7:00pm
Closed Sunday & Monday

Thrift Store Donation Hours

(located in the rear of the building)
Please call ahead to donate
Tuesday-Saturday, 10am - 4pm

Administration Building

7170 Cooley Lake Road,
Waterford, MI 48327
Phone: 248.360.2931
Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10am - 4pm

Need Assistance? 248.360.2930

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Client Stories

Sometimes just the right referral can mean everything to a client.
Staff recall the day a 76-year-old veteran came into the office. He’d moved to the Waterford area from a Southern state, and was having a hard time getting prescriptions filled.
Staff referred him to a local VFW contact that is trained to help Veterans and work with VA benefits. After a few weeks, he came back to Open Door.
“He was ecstatic,” staff remembered. “The Veterans Offices had not only helped him with the prescriptions, they found him an apartment, got him a new mattress and given him a new TV.”  Open Door continues to help him with food, clothing and houshold items to ease his life.

A longtime elderly client who was having difficulties with bills and living expenses contacted Open Door. She called crying because she was being evicted. She was several months behind on her rent. Through a period of working with her, we discovered she had “friends” stopping in and taking money from her. We were able to help her to pay rent and back rent in order to stay in her apartment.  We also helped her get a payee for her bills who will make sure her expenses are paid on time. Also she now has a caseworker, through a partner agency, who helps her in daily living.  She is now supported and has a secure roof over her head.

Another person assisted was a 78 year old woman who decided to relocate to her daughter’s home and sold all her possessions. Imagine what it would feel like moving from New York to Michigan to live with your daughter and her boyfriend. Then, the unthinkable happens: he says it is him or you. Your daughter kicks you out. Literally on the curb, she called Open Door Outreach Center for help. Now, through Open Door Outreach Center and your support, she is living in a small rental house in Waterford, with furniture, food and household items to begin living again self-sufficiently.

An elderly, disabled and frail woman came into Open Door. She was ill and had additional prescriptions cost, doctors’ visits cost, plus a car repair she needed to pay for. With these unexpected expenses, she fell behind on her rent. With your donations and our partner agencies, we were able to give her a hug, uplift her spirit, and help pay her back rent securing her home.

He first noticed the blankets covering the windows.
A Commerce Township firefighter was delivering a gift basket to an area home just before Christmas.
Inside, he found a couple and their two young children ages 3 and 8, struggling to survive with no heat or hot water.
The parents, both in their late 20s, were doing their best to make ends meet.
The father wasn’t working because he’d lost his license after a drunk driving arrest 7 years before.
The mother, who was starting a new job at Kroger, was washing up in water she warmed in a microwave. The father watched out for the children, ages 3 and 8.
They needed new gas shut off values inside the house, a hot water tank, a new kitchen faucet to restore heat to the home, hot water and running water in the kitchen.
Open Door had emergency funds for a hot water tank, and the firefighter agreed to install it and fix broken gas lines to the furnace if we paid for parts.
Open Door realized once the gas was on the  furnace should checked over by an expert, making sure it was safe.
We got on the phone to find a heating and cooling company.
Many said no, but Mulligan Heating of White Lake agreed to send a technician right away.
But an inspection showed the furnace itself was shot.  All safety features of the furnance had been "by passed".
Furnace company owner Pat Mulligan contacted Open Door, he shared that he had grandchildren around the same age as the Commerce kids.  Then stated he could not imagine them without heat all winter.  He offered to donate a furnace and installation in memory of his late mother.
We were delighted when we heard the news.  This truly was a miracle.
The family now has heat, hot water, and running water in their kitchen.  The Dad now has contacted Legal Aid to untangle the drivers licenses court issues.
The family is warm – with a new furnace and hot water again.
These parents were trying so hard,”  The mom is working. She’s told us, ‘I’m going to get us out of this.’”

A single woman from Waterford managed to keep going after a portion of her foot was amputated.
But she found she couldn’t drive her car any longer.
“She needed a different gas pedal, one adapted for her,” said staff.
Open Door worked with a local garage and was able to have mechanics install a left-foot gas pedal. A Local Church partner helped by provided additional funds, and the woman was back on the road.

A Waterford woman had purchased wheel bearings for her car but couldn't afford the installation fees. She used the $174 she normally paid out for her gas and electric bills, and came to Open Door with the situation. She showed staff the bills, and they along with local church partners assisted her.  Now her car is repaired and her home is secure.  

A mother of two small children was pushed in a wheel chair to Open Door. She was so severely beaten by her husband, she had been hospitalized. She still needed additional surgeries, however, she was released. The stay had been so long, she had been been evicted from her home. She lost everything and so did her children. No clothing, toys, household items. Starting again, she came to us for help and direction. With your funds we provided food, clothing, and household items. Her children received clothing, new pajamas, and a few toys too. One of our Resale Volunteers' heart went out to this young woman, and she used her own funds to gift her several pieces of jewelry to lighten the day. These simple acts of kindness brought her to tears of gratitude and the knowledge that someone cared.

What do you do when your apartment complex announces it’s closing?
If you are a senior on a fixed income, you have to find assistance.
A Waterford woman came to Open Door asking for help. She knew she had to leave her apartment because the water sources have been declared unsanitary.
She had the rent but didn’t have the nearly $700 security deposit for a new place.
She received emergency funds from Open Door and was able to get into her new apartment.
“She was shocked and grateful,” staff said.

A homeless man is living under his own roof again after visiting Open Door.
He had been living in make-shift hay bales near a creek all winter when he found his way into the office.
First the staff contacted the shelters but they were all full. We fed him and gave him blankets and items to help him get by.  This was the winter with the polar vortex cold.  He was living outside struggling to stay warm.  
Because he had no vehicle, he couldn’t go far but he looked for work and finally got a job with the Salvation Army. With his first check he had found a small apartment within walking distance and Open Door paid his security deposit and church partners paid part of first months rent. To make it a home, Open Door staff drove over to the new place with food, household items, bedding and clothes.
“His life is totally different, for the better,” staff said. He is so grateful.